Freitag, 31. Mai 2013

DOF - Depth of field

Corn field macro 

This shot shows a very narrow DOF (depth of field). There is only a small portion of the corn in focus. The remaining part is blurred, especially the background with the blue sky and some clouds.
I used a tripod at a very low position to exclude the area behind the corn field.
Major obstacle were the hundreds of flies around me. I was jumping around, tried to push the shutter and get rid of the flies.

There were several shots necessary to capture it like this, due to the windy conditions.
Wind and macro photography are two things which do not really fit together. Every little movement of the subject will change the focus situation.
So what to do against it ? Fix the subject... not working in this case. That means "try and error" method and keep shooting until the right moment is captured.

The shooting details:
* lens : 100mm macro
* shutter speed : 1/250s
* f-stop : 3,5
* ISO : 100

post processing : slightly pushed the dark tones, add some color dynamic and color saturation. Finally put the gradation curve into a light s-curve.


Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

Blue Hour Shooting

Aircraft and Sundown


This shot was an exceptional lucky shot. The sunset was simply fantastic. There are only two or three weeks a year, when these shots are possible. At least at the airport near by...
I wanted the sun to touch the earth at the horizon close to the end of the runway. During the year, the sun goes down either too early or is still up in the sky. The weather and the clouds must fit as well. Without any clouds it's not as interesting like this.
Finally the aircraft has to come from the right side, which depends on the wind direction. On that certain day, all parameters fit together.
I used a 70-200mm lens at 165mm, shot at 1/2000s with f4.0. Additionally I used a ladder to tower over the fence ;-)

Post processing : adaption of the gradient curve, reducing (that's no typing error) the color dynamic, add a bit of light to the dark tones, raised the exposure by 0,25 and add a bit of blue to the upper sky.